Art Transforms Space

unique, customized artwork
for design & architectural applications

The original artwork and creativity of Lynn Heitler

Use Art to Form to make space great – LYNNEL artwork expressed as a wide variety of innovative and specialized design elements for architectural and design settings. Over 3,000 original customizable images for installations ranging from impressive three-dimensional feature pieces and backlit installations, to more straightforward two-dimensional surfaces and functional applications. LYNNEL art images can be used to enhance any environment: healthcare, commercial, multi-family residential, hospitality or educational.

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Install Pairings

Each design setting deserves its own distinctive aesthetic statement. So a LYNNEL art image is carefully selected and uniquely modified for each design environment. LYNNEL makes it easy to purposefully “pair” artwork with its specific surroundings!

Feature Pieces

Flying Objects

Art on the Wall

Integration Wall

Backlit Pieces

Reception Feature Desk

Wall Coverings

Vinyl Wall Art

Commissioned Pieces

Movable Wall Partitions

Functional Applications

On-Site Film

Design Packages

Design Packages provide integrated, aesthetically beautiful environments. Original artwork and Applied Design are used to actualize your design intent.

Specialty Applications

Specialty Applications provide creative design solutions with engaging imagery, and the ability to vary the intensity of an image. In divider panels, it is also possible to vary the transparency of an image, and to have clear areas.


Layers of Transparency and Color


Translucency Provides Dimension


Art Meets Privacy


Enhance Your Space

Design Tools

Design tools can be a powerful resource for your projects. You can search, sort and share over 1,500 art and photography images, as well as a variety of installations. Contact us today for any assistance you may need.