Art Transforms Space

unique, customized artwork
for design & architectural applications

The original artwork and creativity of Lynn Heitler

Make space great by inspiring Art to Form – LYNNEL artwork expressed as a wide variety of innovative and specialized design elements for architectural and design settings. Over 1,000 customizable images for installations ranging from impressive three-dimensional feature pieces and backlit installations, to more straightforward two-dimensional surfaces and functional applications. LYNNEL art images can be used to enhance any environment: healthcare, commercial, multi-family residential, hospitality or educational.

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Install Pairings

Each design setting deserves its own distinctive aesthetic statement, so a LYNNEL art image is carefully selected and uniquely modified for every design environment. LYNNEL makes it easy to purposefully “pair” artwork with its specific surroundings!

Feature Pieces

Flying Objects

Art on the Wall

Integration Wall

Backlit Pieces

Reception Feature Desk

Wall Coverings

Vinyl Wall Art

Commissioned Pieces

Movable Wall Partitions

Functional Applications

On-Site Film

White on white is a new artistic direction for LYNNEL Art to Form. We now offer a distinct portfolio of white images that can be used to create a variety of artistic privacy screens.

White on white is a new artistic direction for LYNNEL Art to Form.


Design Tools

Consulting Services

Through all stages of a project, LYNNEL’s expert assistance can help a job run smoothly and effectively.

Artwork Selection

The LYNNEL team can help you find just the right artwork for your particular design environment. And, we can provide modifications that might be helpful to customize the final image for that setting. Or, we can create an entirely new commissioned work of art or feature piece.

Art Applications

We can work with you to create and produce suspended feature pieces, divider panels, specialized art on the wall, backlit pieces, unique wall coverings, integrated art packages, and functional applications – all on a variety of substrates. Whatever your project requires!


Our team can design and fabricate highly customized and specialized hardware for our mobiles, rotating installations, and our unique floating “Integration Wall” application. In addition, LYNNEL can provide traditional stand-off and wire suspension systems to mount the artwork.


We want to make sure that any backlit pieces show the artwork at its best! Whether LYNNEL provides consultation or the lighting itself, we offer assistance with traditional lightboxes, backlit niches, outdoor chandeliers and other applications with illuminated artwork.


LYNNEL has an excellent team of installers who can undertake even the most challenging installation. Art panels are handled with all the care and attention they deserve. If desired, LYNNEL can provide a turnkey process for the client. And, if needed, we can travel.

Project Management

The LYNNEL team will provide continuous, responsive and high-quality assistance with your project. We’re on board from the first inquiry and conversation, through all the steps along the way – from art selection and submittals, to fabrication and the final installation.

Comprehensive Art Packages

Comprehensive Art Packages are used to create well designed environments using original art in original ways. The end result is an environment which has a diverse number of applications installed into what we call an Architectural Canvas, intended to provide a meaningful and enjoyable environment.

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