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-- Process --

Original Art / Modified Art


LYNNEL Art to Form has a portfolio of over 1,000 images. Each image can be cropped, scaled, or color modified by LYNNEL Art to Form to enhance your space. Or, we can produce commissioned works. We’re here to help you actualize your vision.

The image above shows LYNNEL’s “Voyage as it was color modified to incorporate the colors chosen by the client. The changes as seen in the images above demonstrate our process. The left image is the original artwork, and the right image shows the color shifts. The final installation of this specific project can be seen below.

Once the artwork is approved, LYNNEL can provide samples, renderings, hardware solutions, and the installation. The presentation of artwork is our priority, with elegant hardware and expert installation adding value to the piece. Visit our Art section to preview the imagery in our portfolio.



Final Installation


Featured Videos & Installations

-- Art

All our installations begin with an image. Preview the 1000+ images in our art portfolio. LOG IN to Design Tools to view the complete portfolio. From there you can sort, choose and share your selections.

-- Art --

All our installations begin with an image. Preview the 1000+ images in our art portfolio. LOG IN to Design Tools to view the complete portfolio. From there you can sort, choose and share your selections.

-- About

-- About --


LYNNEL Art to Form customizes artwork for a variety of architectural and design applications. For each installation, clients can choose original imagery from a vast LYNNEL portfolio, or commission unique works of art. The imagery can be altered to meet the most exacting design requirements.

The finalized artwork can be incorporated into glass, acrylic, fabric, or vinyl wall covering applications. LYNNEL provides artistic solutions for hospitals and medical facilities, hotels, office buildings and educational institutions, as well as multi-family residential projects, spas and restaurants, shopping centers, and individual residences. We are proud to have collaborated with noted architects and designers to create novel ways of bringing art to form.

Please click on the links below to learn more about our inspiration, the services we provide, and our clients. LOG IN to Design Tools for access to our complete portfolio.



“As an artist, I believe our surroundings profoundly influence how we think and feel. The artwork I produce is intended to be compelling, varying in palette, intensity and complexity. Using artwork to build an environment can expand our perspectives, increase our enjoyment, and elevate our sense of well being.” — Lynn Heitler

For over thirty years, co-founder and co-president Lynn Heitler has pursued a successful career as an artist. She has exhibited in galleries throughout the United States. Her background in printing and painting has provided an ideal foundation for LYNNEL’s use of advanced technology. Printing on glass, acrylic, and fabric has introduced a new facet of translucency into Lynn’s work as well as new expressions including mobiles and other three-dimensional feature pieces. Co-founder and co-president Philip Levy, a business consultant, has helped shape LYNNEL from a concept into a viable business that reflects Lynn’s beliefs about how art can be experienced.



LYNNEL is a small company that makes big things happen. We have the resources to complete a project from start to finish. In addition to the final artwork, our services range from creating professional renderings, to fabricating custom hardware, and problem solving complex installations. We are highly responsive to clients at every step of the process.

While located in Denver, we have shipped and installed art panels throughout the United States, and the Caribbean. The evolution of LYNNEL Art to Form has been a unique blend of the owners’ skills, and their commitment to aesthetics, customer service, entrepreneurialism, and collaboration. Our talented team of designers, photographers, printers, fabricators, installers, and staff share in these values, and help bring them into reality.

LOG IN to Design Tools to learn more about our process as well as view renderings and past installations.




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