LYNNEL's talented team works closely with our clients to deliver a wide range of exquisite, high quality artistic installations, and to provide useful and practical solutions to a variety of design, hardware and installation issues. With a knowledgeable, responsive and collaborative approach, the LYNNEL team has gained a solid reputation for facilitating our clients' vision in transforming art into form.

Lynn Heitler

President, Artist & Co-Founder


Lynn is a third-generation Coloradan, coming from a family of entrepreneurs. She majored in art at UC Berkeley and continued at the Corcoran Museum School, in Washington, DC. Her work with four major master printers taught her much of what she knows about layering art, which has become the backbone of her approach to creating the images in the Lynnel portfolio.

Lynn has a long history of showing original art in galleries across the US. Co-founding Lynnel Art to Form with Philip Levy was a philosophical departure from her career as a gallery artist. This new artistic approach is both flexible and responsive to the needs of clients. Each piece or collection, from the intimate scale of a single residence to multiple floors in a hospital, hotel or cruise ship, allows Lynn to create environments that soothe, delight and satisfy a wide range of needs.

Philip Levy

President & Co-Founder


Philip's professional background includes work as a business consultant, specializing in planning and governance for business consultant and non-profit organizations. Philip loves to learn and understand, and has developed a thoughtful and deliberate approach to working with clients.

These capacities proved very useful as he and business partner Lynn Heitler started the firm that became LYNNEL Art to Form, Inc. From its inception in 2006 as Art Partitions, LYNNEL creates a unique niche in the architecture and design market - a niche that demands highly innovative product ideas and marketing activities.

A lover of the arts (music in particular) and a musician himself, Philip also spends as much time as he can participating in physical activities in the outdoors. But he also enjoys a demanding discussion or challenging intellectual pursuit. Philip holds a BA in Anthropology and an MBA. With a long and strong family history in Colorado and Denver, Philip strives to sustain the values and capabilities he has had the good fortune to acquire.

Katie Maher

Director of Sales & Marketing


Katie has over eight years of sales experience ranging from Advertising to IT. She holds a BFA, with a focus in painting, drawing, and printmaking. Her sales and fine art background are integral to understanding our clients' individual design needs and LYNNEL’s business development.

Kate Winovich

Sales & Marketing Associate


Kate grew up in Cleveland Ohio but moved to New York to pursue her bachelor's and master’s degrees in architecture. Along with her passion for the arts, she also has 6 years of sales experience under her belt. Kate recently moved to Denver and joined our team. Her dedication to sales and marketing at LYNNEL is inspired by her love for the arts.

Benny Yarnell



Benny is a designer with a background in the fine arts. Excelling in Photoshop and other digital mediums, he helps realize the Lynnel vision from concept to execution, and all the layers in between.

Windy Waite



Originally from New Orleans, Windy moved to New York in her early twenties and worked as a graphic designer and art director in the publishing industry there for over 15 years. She holds an AFA with a concentration in fine arts, and a BFA with a concentration in graphic design. She is a seasoned designer in both print and digital mediums, with an eye for innovation and creative excellence.

Jeff Solt

Project Management


Jeff holds a BFA with a concentration in graphic design and has 15 years experience in the large-format digital imaging industry. Jeff has worked in most facets of this industry as well, from press operator to production artist to project/art director.