Lynn Heitler

Artist Statement

It was a huge leap for me to make the transition from being a gallery artist to a collaborative artist working with architects and designers to create fine art specifically for public places. This shift has been a creative endeavor in itself. Most artists hold onto their creations and refuse any other input or editing. This was the art world I grew up in. The digital world, however, opened up an entirely new approach to creating art.

My experience as a painter and printer of monotypes and monoprints has informed my non-traditional approach to using layered imagery digitally. It has felt like a logical transition, one I had spent years preparing for without even knowing it. Creating art digitally has opened up new opportunities for working on translucent substrates. The role of light, both transmitted and reflected, on glass and acrylic created another welcome artistic experience. The magical effect of light changes the art on these substrates throughout the day in every environment. Equally important has been the issue of scale. To produce art that can be scaled up to very large proportions is something an artist working on paper or canvas could never do. Similarly, the capacity to crop out sections of an artwork has allowed me to see composition in a new way. The parts that make up the whole are often as interesting as the original piece.

Art with purpose is a basic tenet of our business. To this end, one of the biggest transformations for me as an artist has been the collaborative process I have enjoyed with architects, designers, and clients across the country. As an artist, I believe our surroundings profoundly influence how we think and feel. By embracing and applying the concept of modifying a piece of art to fit a particular environment, I believe I have contributed to a groundbreaking approach to the way artists might work in the future. As this approach has evolved over ten years, LYNNEL Art to Form has helped move fine art into living and working spaces in new, unique and diverse ways.


Lynn holds a B.A., with a major in art, from the University of California at Berkeley. She also studied at the Corcoran Museum School in Washington, D.C. As a high school student Lynn spent her summers studying art at the University of Colorado in Boulder. More than 15 galleries have represented her artwork across the country. She continues to create monotypes and monoprints, oil paintings, and abstract photographs, all of which are used as layers in new artwork for LYNNEL Art to Form.

Lynn also holds an MSW from Boston University. Her many years as a clinician have heightened her interest in providing art that is intended to be sensitive to the population that will experience it. This is particularly evident in healthcare settings where evidence based design has influenced her approach.

LYNNEL's portfolio or over 1000 pieces of Lynn's original artwork is very diversified which allows for art that can be used in multi-family residential, commercial, hospitality or residential projects.