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Art on the Wall

LYNNEL artwork provides a unique and engaging experience for the viewer. The artwork is not just framed and hung. It can be presented with conviction via specialty hardware, or floated elegantly on the wall, or mysteriously mounted, like the specialized Integration Wall.

  • "Snow Leopard" and other art printed on acrylic mounted on metal

  • "Etched Garlic Triptych" printed on glass Megatiles

  • “Harvest Moon" printed on glass

  • “Focus Series“ printed on glass

  • “A Zen Garden“ printed on glass

  • “Glass Glow Series“ printed on glass

  • “Boulder Cosmo Triptych" printed on wire-suspended glass

  • “San Fran Glass Triptych" color modified and printed on acrylic

  • “DNA” commissioned art printed on vinyl

  • “Barcelona" printed on glass

  • “Mindfulness" printed on glass Megatile

  • “Shoji Mural" printed on glass Megatile

  • “Cascade Reeds Triptych" printed on glass

Install Pairings

Each design setting deserves its own distinctive aesthetic statement, so a LYNNEL art image is carefully selected and uniquely modified for each specific environment. LYNNEL makes it easy to purposefully “pair” artwork with its specific surroundings!

Feature Pieces

Flying Objects

Backlit Pieces

Reception Feature Desk

Wall Coverings

Vinyl Wall Art

Commissioned Pieces

Movable Wall Partitions

Functional Applications

On-Site Film